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Home-made meatballs


Home-made seasoned meatballs. Made with fresh pepper, onion, garlic, tomatoes and herbs. Made using a traditional Portuguese recipe with 75% beef and 25% pork. A delicious flavour, with the pork adding sweetness to the meat. Perfect to bake or grill and add to a pasta sauce.

Guaranteed shelf life: 4 days

Weight: 330 g — 380 g


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Old hall farm has been part of the family for six generations. Situated in the middle of the marsh, the land is flat and perfect for grazing due to the natural saltiness in the soil it gives a more sublime taste. Once sea beds, and steeped in history from the Romans through to smuggling, the marsh is still a very isolated place. Our farm concentrates on conservation graazing, rare breeds and traditional farming. All grass fed and free range, the lambs and cows are brought up naturally, allowing them to mature, resulting in tastier and less fatty meat. The pigs and chicken are also all traditionally farmed and fed on a mixed diet of vegetables and a variety of grain, allowing the meat to be tasty and the best quality.