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food waste
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Zero-waste, portion sized healthy meal kits that take less than 10 minutes of your time to prepare.
We’ve always hated waste – wasted food, resources, time, effort…life would be much simpler without waste. Take Joe as an example: He lived in a flat with limited kitchen cupboard space. When he moved home he took the opportunity to clear his cupboards of outdated food taking up valuable space. There was stuff in there that was over 10 years old! Seriously! He hung on to it for all those years thinking he would get around to using it one day, but that day never came. So in the bin it all went…food and packaging.  Sound familiar? That’s why we decided that something had to change. So we set up A Very Nice Idea to provide food in portion sizes so you don’t have to buy a whole packet of Allspice (and so many other ingredients) for one recipe like Joe did!
We got thinking about what we really needed from our food and here’s the list:
  • tasty: this is the number one requirement, we love food and it has to taste good or we’re just not satisfied
  • healthy: it’s hard to make good health choices at the right price. We want nutritious food that fits with a healthy diet
  • good value: We don’t want to spend a fortune on food
  • natural: We like home cooked food because we know what goes into it
  • zero-waste: We hate waste! Really, we do! That’s packaging waste, food waste, space, transport, the lot
  • quick: who has time to be a domestic god(dess) anyway?
  • flexibility: We want to be able to make food with our own signature on it
  • fairness to all: We wanted to create an environment where everyone gets a good deal, that’s the suppliers, the team, the distributors and the customers
So here’s what we did, we made up meal kits to cater for different sized households, including meals for one so there is no more food waste. We used minimal compostable packaging to eliminate packaging waste – even if you recycle your packaging there is still so much energy that goes into transporting and recycling. We even offer package free options where possible. To make them healthy we’ve ensured that meals fit in with a healthy diet. We’ve made them flexible by supplying only the dry ingredients so that it lasts until you are ready to eat it and you can choose fresh and liquid ingredients to fit in with your dietary requirements, budget and what you fancy, but rest assured, the extras you need are easy to get and you may already have them in your cupboard. It also means that there is less to package, transport and less to go off if you can’t eat it straight away. For example, the falafel and wraps require oil and water, the curry and tagine require oil, water, tomatoes and the your choice of vegetables, pulses, fish or meat. And with less that 10 minutes prep time, meal times were never so quick.
We really hope you enjoy making the meals using our meal kits and would love to know what you think.
Happy eating,
A Very Nice Idea x