Farmers Markets
A more sustainable way to shop
Farmers Markets
Support you local farmers and artisan producers
Farmers Markets
make the most amazing meals using produce that has been lovingly reared, grown or produced by people local to you
Farmers Markets
eat well, stay well
Choose a market close to where you live...keep it local 🙂
Select delicious, fresh produce from your local producers, knowing you are supporting the local economy
We make it easy for you. You can either have your food delivered to your door or come and collect it in person


Choose your local market


shop like you would at a normal farmers market, order recipe boxes, veg boxes, meat boxes, or subscribe to your own custom boxes.


Meet the people making your food


Quick Cook Kits
Homemade blends for effortless home cooking
Marsh Produce Ltd

Marsh Produce Ltd

Wonderful meat reared the way it should be
Old Hall Farm

Old Hall Farm

Milk, cheese, yogurt, cream...all delicious

Nourish your body, nourish your soul, nourish your environment

more of what you spend stays within the local community


I always plan to go to the farmers market but when the weekend comes around I find something else always comes up. With Farmers Markets Online I can order online and have my weekly shop delivered to me - all of a sudden I have time to do the things that are important to me and still eat good wholesome food!
Mr. John Anderson

Mr. John Anderson


I use to go to the farmers market with a list of ingredients for the meal I had planned to make for my family. When I got there I invariably found that what I wanted wasn't on that week or it had already sold out. With Farmers Markets Online I know I can order the food I want - they make it especially for me so I can have my cake and eat it 🙂
Martina Cliton

Martina Cliton


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About Us

Our founder, Avni, has a corporate background working in Insurance for 15 years. She decided to quit the rat race to start a business to raise awareness about food and packing waste: blends of ingredients designed to help busy people cook with just 10 minutes’ prep time that are sold in portion sizes to reduce food waste and in compostable packaging to reduce packaging waste. Whilst selling the blends at farmers’ markets she noticed that footfall was well below what it could be. The way we shopped has changed. Consumers want the convenience and simplicity. So we are bringing farmers markets into the 21st century by bringing the market to you - order online and even get it delivered to you! We want to keep our local farmers and producers in business - let's make it happen!

Our Mission